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Google new algorithm update in coming year | Google SEO

Google new algorithm :

               As we know Google has many algorithms by the name Penguin or Panda etc. As Google rank sites or de-rank sites by using its algorithms. Algorithms crawl and analyses the sites and then reach a final decision after deep crawling. Now, Google updates his new algorithm incoming Year by name of "Page Experience".

Working of Page Experience algorithm :

               This algorithm analyses the site by it's "Bounce Rate". Google always promote valuable content and wants to show the best results to the users, so the bounce rate is falling in the category of valuable content. 

What is the bounce rate?

                When you login or sign in to a Google Analytics account and you saw a Bounce rate in a row upper the Graph of the user.

Actually, the bounce rate is described as,
 "User comes on your site and how much he stays. If he leaves your site within some seconds then it's bad and the site bounce rate is high. Which means a bad impact in the eye of Google. The percentage of all sessions of a user on a single page of your site"

Why bounce rate high?

               When a user lands on your site page to seek some content or answer to his query according to his scenario. If he found the irrelevant content according to his query then he leaves the site page. It means he didn't find good results so in google take this as a bad impact your site has irrelevant content.
For Example :
       Your site title is "How to lose weight?". When a user clicks on this title in a search engine and come on your site and found the content about how to gain weight. This is irrelevant content for the user so he leaves the site as soon as possible. This makes the bounce rate high and google algorithms take as a bad impact. 

Google loves the content and promotes the best one. so, when google analyse your site and high bounce rate then he takes it as irrelevant content and not improves your ranking as well as the de-rank site page in search engine. New Google Algorithm works on main things like user experience/bounce rate as users have good experience on your site then Google promotes your site as increasing search engine ranking.

How to reduce the Bounce Rate?

You have to write the best and relevant content on your site. Write the content in a specific category not includes the irrelevant and wrong information which has a bad impact on the user and he leaves your site page. Also, in other site likes e-commerce add the specific category product under specific page. So, the users found his product easily. Add content that is familiar and understandable for him as in easy words.
 Explain, everything so he gets his answer from your site and reads your complete content. When he found his little bit answer in the starting line then he stays and reads complete content which reduces your bounce rate and low bounce rate having a Good impact on new Google algorithms and google improve your ranking.

Write content helpful and more engageable content. A good bounce rate is 10% - 40% and the average bounce rate is between 40% - 60%

Conclusion :

So, make your site user-friendly and reduce your bounce rate for getting Googd results in the coming year. Google Page Experience algorithm is good for ones having a content user friendly. So, updates the site and achieve better results.

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