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Meta description for site pages or blogs On Page SEO | Google SEO

meta description seo

What is a Meta description?

                Google shows some limited number of characters after the title of the site pages in the Search engines. These lines are called the meta description. A meta description is the words or lines that define your page and content in search engines.

These lines impact the user because after reading these lines user decides to go to this page or not. If he got a little bit answer to his query then he obviously opens/clicks the page.

Looks how and where Google Shows meta description of the page.

meta description seo

Why meta description necessary?

                 A meta description is necessary for SEO and impact on user/worthiness point of view. We will discuss both points of view.

 Meta description SEO :

                       In SEO meta description is a factor of On-Page SEO. When we write or develop a page then we set main and relevant keywords for that page. So, In writing meta description we have to use our main keywords and relevant keywords because whenever a user hits a query in a search engine. Then Google algorithms/crawlers first check the query keyword in Title/permalink and then in the meta description of pages. So, It's important to write the main keyword in the first-line and relevant keyword in the next one.

This makes the page search engine friendly as well as helps Google crawlers in telling the category of page or content.

Length Of meta description :

            As we discuss in the starting that Google shows a limited number of characters of a meta description. This limit is different in desktops and mobiles. On the desktop, this length is about 150 to 158 characters which are 920 pixels. On mobile meta description limit is 120 to 130 characters and in pixels is 680.
This is the preview limit of the meta description in the Google search Engine or a number of characters google shows. But we can write more meta description and the length should be  150 to 300 characters.

If you wrote a meta description of more than 150 or 160 characters then Google shows dots (...) after the limit. Like this

Meta description tags :

                  If you are not using any CMS then you have to write code for meta description. In HTML code we write some code for meta description this code of line is called meta description tags.
Actually, we write tags in Html language so if we write a tag for the title then it's called by title tags, or when we write a tag for page description this is called meta description tags. If there is no option of writing a description in your using cms then you can write code in the head section of page code like this.

                <meta  content="your meta description is here" name="description" />

meta description seo

How to write a meta description in WordPress/ Blogger :

                                 In wordpress this is best way to install plugin "Yoast". This plugin provide you the complete On Page SEO section. After the writing section there is section of Yoast plugin where you can write meta description. Yoast allows 150 words for writing description.

In blogger you can write description in the section of search description which is located at the right column.

meta description tags

Blogger allows you to write 150 characters and in wordpress you can write 155 characters in Yoast providing section.

Engaging meta description :

                     If we do a complete and effective SEO for description and still no getting traffic then there is a need for updating in title and description. We have to take care of both SEO of description and a more engaging description. Write the attractive meta description this is done only when you write a description according to the intent of the user. Because if user found little bit answer of his question than he obviously comes on your site page. That's why we have to write attractive one which turn the user from viewer to reader.
This is an important factor in writing description because a meta description that is not attractive is not perfect and more beneficial than an attractive one.

Hope this is all information helpful for you and if you have any question ask through our mail or in comment section.

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