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Reason of disabling the option Request Indexing in search console | Google SEO News

Request Indexing Option Disable :

Google search Console disable the "request indexing" option in of coverage section. Those URL's/Pages that are excluded by Google crawlers during indexing due to any reason and after removal of use you request google for indexing by this clicking this option 

search sonsole


You can check the notification at the top of the inspect URLs coverage page like this one.

Request indexing option

Google disable this option due to make some technical updates in the search console. Also, Google said that this option is enabled soon in the coming weeks. This option is disabled from the 4th of October 2020.

But Google not completely disables the indexing option during the technical update of the search console. Google is indexing the sites Url's or content according to their regular method.

Search Console request indexing option

What is the Request Indexing option?

        When Google exclude the pages URL's due to any of reason according to Google indexing rules than you have to remove that error. After the removal of the error, you have to request Google for indexing. Then google validate your page according to his rule and notify you again if the issue resolve or the page indexable or not.

When the Google search console updates and this option is available then we notify you also. So, subscribe through email for new updates.


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