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Title SEO, Tag, and Title length complete guidance | Google SEO

Why Title SEO is important for pages or blogs. When the user hits the query in a search engine, the first thing Google algorithms seek is the query or keyword in titles of pages or blogs. So when we optimized the page title accurately then actually we help Google crawlers. We have to present our pages in front of Google crawlers. So, if we do not present accurately and in detail or specific category then we are not doing well for pages. Title SEO is an important and the first step in content optimization.
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What are Title Tags?

                  Title tags are <title>. It's an HTML code which specific for writing titles. It tells google algorithms about this is the title from our content. When we write a title in WordPress or blogger than in backend coding blogger writes it in between these tags like
                     " <title> Best hicking places in Pakistan </title> "

In different cms like Blogger or WordPress, there is no need of writing these tags but when we built a site with coding or write content with coding then we write the title in title tags. The main and important thing is how to optimize these tags. 

Title SEO (optimization) :

                  As we set keywords before writing for a page. So we have to start with keywords. Owe has to start the title with the main keyword. Then we have to insert the primary keyword and end with Brand Name. Just Like that 

                         " Main Keyword - Primary Keyword | Brand Name " 

                 " Loss of Weight with weight Loss Supplements | Help Weight Off "

Write a title according to the intent of the user.

Where Title Shows in Search Engine?

                 Google shows the first permalink of site page then Title, then meta description, and then snippets. Like in the following image 

title seo

Title shows at different places when the platform changes like in our site title show at two places.

  • Starting of Page 
  • Tab of site
Title shows on-site at the starting of the page. So, the first thing user reads when he lands an on site page is the Title. Title is also shown in the tab section of page. Following is the preview of the title in tab section

Length Of SEO Title :

            Length of title is important because Google shows a limited number of characters in search Engine results. This limit is 50 to 60 characters. After exceeding this limit Google Search Engine shows dots like this 

title seo

So, you have to write and deliver the main words in between the limit of Google. Write main keywords at starting to creates conversions and explanations about the page. 

Attractive Title :

You only covert the user into the reader or as a customer only when the title is attractive or according to the intent of user. Write a title which attracts users. This is the most important thing because after ranking in search Engine we still not getting traffic. This happens because our page title is not attractive and according to the user intent.

In WordPress where we can write SEO Title?

     We can not write the lengthy titles of Pages if they are connected with the menu bar. So, in WordPress we can write SEO Titles by installing Yoast Plugin. Yoast Plugin provides us a section for writing an optimized title. So, if your CMS is WordPress then it's easy for you. In wordpress after the writing section, Yoast provides us the complete section about the OnPage SEO. where we can write our page focus keywords, Title, Meta description, Permalink by name of Slug and after the slug section, Yoast shows a preview of Page in search Engine.
This is a great opportunity for SEO writers.

Conclusion :

Use main keyword and relative/primary keyword in the title. During writing care of the length of title and write an attractive one which creates conversions. So, title SEO is the first step in content optimization.

 After doing the Title SEO the next step is SEO of meta description. Read complete guidance about meta description also here.

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