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Goodbye Google Webmaster and Hello "Google Search Central" New name

Google changing his "Google Webmaster Central" to the new name as "Google Search Central". This new name will be changed and happens in the next couple days. This news confirmed in the following image as Tweet by Google experts or Google webmaster site blog.

Also, the Google describes in their blog about the new name shown in following Image :

The main Goal of the Google is to help the peoples how to improve their ranking in search engine by providing the information about Advance Search Engine Optimization. So, they are now providing the complete info at the one place. Now, they are transferring the content from old site to New site. As, from Webmaster website to new developer site. The old content is moved to new one after one weak on date "19 November,2020.

On the new sites Google providing the complete info about the Advance SEO. The advance SEO helps in improving of ranking in search Engine. You can read the info at Google Developer new site. 

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