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100+ Blog Commenting Sites for Music Niche | Google SEO

If you are looking for the Blog Commenting Sites of Music then you are are the right blog. I will provide you the list of blogs that allows you to comment on their site.The list consist of those sites having decent DA and low spam Score. There are two list of blog commenting sites for music niche. One list that approved blog comments instantly and other one goes for moderation. 

  What is Blog Commenting ?

              The sites that allows you to comment in their post and you leave a comment about their post on the site with a URL of your site. There are two options that sites are provided for blog commenting.
One provide option for adding a URL of your site and other one not providing that that option.

The sites providing option of leaving URL of site like this one 
blog commenting sites

The sites that are not providing option for adding URL like this one. 

blog commenting sites

Is blog Commenting helps in SEO :

            If we build backlinks through blog commenting properly then it's impacting our site ranking. As, if we leave same comments on all blogs or copy comments and used that one then it comes in Black Hat technique. This means google may also panalyze your site instead of improving ranking.
So, leave a genuine comment which is related to the post and make some sense. This way increases the chance of getting approved comment from the admin. Also, build the Gravatar profile or add an image. This act has a Good Impact.
When you add the URL of your site then there is the possibility of a link is do-follow or no-follow.
Google crawl the do-follow links and give authority and don;t index or give authority to your site of no-follow links. But no-follow links help you in getting traffic. If, someone clicks on your link.

 List of  Blog commenting sites :

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