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Web 2.0 submission sites List for link Building | Google SEO

Backlink building through standard web 2.0  is the grey hat technique that helps in ranking of your blogs, pages, and social profiles. This will provide the link juice on your target area with the target keywords as an anchor text. In this blog you will get standard web 2.0 submission sites list

What is Web 2.0 :
       The platform where you can publish your content or a Page is called web 2.0. i.e Wordpress, Blogger , Tumbler and Reddit provide you an option for publishing content. In the content you submit the link on your target keyword.

web 2.0 site list

Take Care of these factors during Publishing :

  • Create 1 or 2 backlink for your site. Add mostly 2 backlinks in a post on the keyword that you are targeting. 
  • During publishing and creating an account for web 2.0 use the VPN. There are many free VPN's available. Browsec is the providing free vpn for the location of United State, United Kingdom , Netherlands and Singapore. The use of vpn save you from Google.
  • Create the headings of your target keyword in the content using the tags <h1> and <h2>. This will helps your blog in indexing.  
  •  Add the image in your content and add the keyword in alt tags of Images. Use relevant images according your content.
  • Use the keyword in your slug/URL during creating the web 2.0 pages. This will helps in making the quality and SEO friendly article and when Google indexe the backlink then gives the authority to your site also.
  • Only use those sites for creating web 2.0 having the DA is more than 50. In the list i provide you thise web 2.0 sites that have DA more than 50 and spam score is less than 10%.

Sr.     Name / Link          DA                  

1   Wordpress                                           92
 Blogger                                                 99
3   Tumbler                                                59
4   Wix                                                        94
5   Edu Blogs                                             77
6   Yola                                                       82
7   Google Sites                                         97
8    Quora                                                    93
9    Live Journal                                          93
10  Moonfruit                                              93
11. Smore                                                    83
12. HPages                                                  71
13. Overblog                                               56
14. Sitew                                                       79
15. Simple Site                                             90
16. BCZ                                                          74
17. WOPOP                                                    73
18. All4 Webs                                                   63
19. Reddit                                                        63
20. Jimdo                                                         75
21. Monifo                                                       58
22. Own Free                                                     27
23. Page 4 Me                                                    59
24. Wiki Dot                                                        83
25. Sing Snap                                                       56
26. Web                                                                  91
27. Uid Me                                                             51
28. Square Space                                                   76
29. Bravenet                                                          49
30. Forumotion                                                     41

Build the links through this web 2.0 strategy is an Gray Hat technique but if you published and build in a single day and in a bulk then it may be becomes to an Black Hat Tachnique. So, build links by posting content and contextual link using the VPN and 5 to 10 in a single day.
After using this technique, it will helps in you site page ranking.

If you have not enough budget for creating the content then use the spin Content Free tools. This will helps your content to save from the plagiarism. One of the best and most using free tool for spinning the content is "Spinbot".This tool spin the content and replace the many words by their synonyms.

Almost use the 200 to 300 words content according to your niche or you can also use your website content.This link building technique through super and standardweb 2.0 helps in boosting your blogs, pages, and social profiles in surprising way.

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