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How to create a sitemap and added a sitemap to website

We will share with you complete information about the sitemap.xml creation , added to site and submitted to Google search central. The sitemap benefits and reasons of why you should added the sitemap to site. 

how to create sitemap

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What is Sitemap :
Some of you might be more acquainted with this than others. I'll give you a snappy intense training on the essentials of sitemaps before I tell you the best way to assemble a site sitemap all alone. 

Basically, a sitemap, or XML sitemap, is a rundown of various pages on a site. XML is another way to say "extensible markup language," which is an approach to show data on a site. 

I've talked with so numerous site proprietors who are scared by this idea on the grounds that sitemaps are viewed as a specialized part of SEO. However, in all reality, you don't should be a tech wizard or have a tech foundation to make a sitemap. As you'll adapt instantly, it's truly not so troublesome.

For what reason do you need a sitemap? 

Web crawlers like Google are focused on showing the most pertinent outcomes to individuals for some random inquiry question. All together do this successfully, they use webpage crawlers to peruse, arrange, and file data on the Internet. 
XML sitemaps make it simpler for internet searcher crawlers to peruse the substance on your webpage and list the pages in like manner. Therefore, this builds your odds of boosting the SEO positioning of your site. 

Your sitemap will tell web indexes the area of a page on your site, when it was refreshed, the refreshing recurrence, and the significance of the page as it's identified with different pages on your website. Without a legitimate sitemap, Google bots may imagine that your site has copy content, which will really hurt your SEO positioning. 

In case you're prepared for your site to get ordered quicker via web crawlers, simply follow these five simple strides to make a sitemap.

What Are the Benefits of a XML Sitemap? 

In case you're pondering, "Well. Do I truly require a sitemap? Should I go to all that inconvenience?" I need to convince you to, indeed, do it. It just requires a couple of moments, and the advantages are tremendous. 

Consider these advantages of a XML sitemap: 

  • It advises Google to slither and record your site. 

  • It mentions to Google what to creep on your site. 

  • The XML sitemap tells to Google what type or sort of data is on your site for users. 

  • The XML sitemap reveals to Google when your substance was refreshed (which could bring about more good or "new" rankings). 

  • It reveals to Google how regularly your substance is refreshed and how significant it is. 

  • The XML sitemap assists your site with acquiring indexation for powerfully created pages. 

  • It causes you beat the restrictions of a site with powerless inside connecting. 

  • It assists your site with beating the test of not yet having a solid outside connection profile. 

  • It helps enormous destinations acquire better and more coordinated indexation. 

  • The XML sitemap assists Google with slithering your site all the more adequately. 

  • It shows Google all the pages on your site, regardless of whether they are profound inside the engineering and may not in any case be slithered as fast.

How To Create a Sitemap :

For creating the Xml sitemap you can use the "XML-Sitemaps com Sitemap Generator".
After opening that site "". Add your site url in the box section.
sitemap creation

Now click on the start button and the processing is started. After few moments the sitemap creating live report is showing to you. There are three factors showing to you by name "Scanned", "Added" and Queued". 
scanned added sitemap

When the processing is done click on the "view sitemap details" option.
sitemap details

Let's download your sitemap file.
download sitemap file

You can't open this file until you have an tool fro viewing. You can use Sublime Text for this purpose.

How to added a sitemap to website :

In word-press we can upload the sitemap file into wordpress website by using the plugin "Wp File Manager". First we have to install the wp File Manager plugin.
wp file manager

Click on Wp File Manager. Now click on the marked option and upload the downloaded file(sitemap). The sitemap file you created. Don't click on any option or don't upload another file it may be damage your site.
upload sitemap file

How to submit sitemap to Google :

First login to your Google search central account. Now click on the sitemap option in the left column.
sitemap option in console

Now write the "sitemap.xml" in the section which shows in the following picture and hit the submit button. 
submit sitemap in search console

You have done your sitemap creation and submission task successfully. This will improves your SEO Score.

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