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Google On Search Rankings With Hyphenated Words | Google SEO

If we search in google using the hyphen between a keyword or queries Google admit it as a reciprocal synonym and sometimes not but in some cases it admits different queries. As Jhon Mueller said that :

            "Sometimes they're seen as reciprocal synonyms, sometimes not."

Google Sometimes shows the same result or sometimes not by using the hyphen in a search. We should first understand or analyze the keyword first that by using the hyphen is the meaning of the word is changed or not or what people search with or without the hyphen. You can get these results through Google Keyword Planner Tool.

How Google Reads or admits Search Queries :

Let's take an example of "cycling tour in Italy " Google algorithms read or show results according to synonyms Cycling as "bicycle, motorcycle cycle", tour as " Holidays, picnic" or skipped the word in and Italy as " Italian (language. preference)."
You can watch the complete lecture which is explained by Paul Hahur very informative lecture about how to google improve search around the year.

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