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how long does it take google to index a new page | Google SEO

 Welcome to Google SEO! Today we will talk about how long it takes a Google to index the new site or blog or  Pages. When we create a new site then after the publishing of the site we have to index it in Google Search Engine. The site crawling or indexing process is done by Google Algorithms not manually. One example of the Crawling algorithm of Google is the" Google Bot ". 

                        " Your site will be indexed within 4 Days or it may take 4 Weeks." 

how long does it take google to index a new page

It all depends on your site structure and Site optimization. If your site is Search Engine Optimized than a great chance for it to index faster. You have to do some SEO works for getting its index faster and good impressions. This is all done by SEO persons. This work is included in the On-Page SEO. You can index your new blog or page within 24 hours or 48 hours by using some tips. Fast Google Indexing Tips.

How Google Index or Crawled the Pages :

The indexing process is handled by Google algorithms and the Bots one of them is Google Bot. The Google Bot index "hundreds of billions of webpages and is well over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size."
google indexing time

This bot is set out to explore on the internet and ended at the website. This bot is the index or crawls your website URLs according to the Robots.txt file. This file tells Google which URLs will be crawled or which are not to be crawled. So, make sure your Robots.txt file has the right code/instruction.
google bot

You can make your indexing process faster by doing the following tasks:-
  • Submit Your Site in Google Search Central ( Old name: Google Search Console )
  • Submit Your sitemap in Search Central
  • Setup your analytic account
  • Optimize your site according to Google Search Engine (On-Page SEO)
Tip: Share your site URL or get some traffic from Social Platforms. This will helps a lot in indexing new blogs.

If you are facing any issue in indexing of the website and you have no time to work on it or you are looking to hire someone to contact us. We will work for you. Follow us for getting more tips.

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