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Over 65% of Web Pages Have No Backlinks| Google SEO

A few months ago Ahref shares his information or reports that the 2 million pages which is about 94.3% of pages did not get any single user from Google. This information is collected by the " Ahrefs Content Explorer Tool ". Also, the more surprising information is that 66.31% of pages have not a single backlink.
A picture from Ahref's report about the backlinks is follow

So, This data is based on the 1 Billion pages according to the Ahrefs content exploring tool. You can  check the or read the complete data at here : Ahrefs report about traffic and Backlink.
The stats share by the Ahrefs are shown in the following Image that a great number of websites not getting a single user organically from the Google. 
websites not getting single user ahref report

The remaining 9.37% of the websites getting the huge traffic.

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