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Unblock website url on Facebook complete Guidance | Google SEO

 When you share your website pages or blog URL's directly on one of the famous platform Facebook than Facebook block your website domain and than you are not able to share your website and in fact you lose your huge amount of traffic. 

Unblock website url on Facebook

Unblock website url on Facebook :

In this article I will guide you completely how to unblock website URL on Facebook. Most of people when got a hit from Facebook seeking ways to unblock the domain from Facebook without any cost/investing. I tell you honestly this is not possible to unblock your domain without investing some money and this money is only $1 or $1.5. Rather than you pay $5 or $10 to service provider. Second method of without investing is really difficult and may be take a week  or months but by investing little bit amount you can unblock your domain from Facebook within 24 hours. Let's read the method how you can successfully unblock your URL.

Method to Unblock URL on Facebook :

Create a Page on Facebook according to your domain name and than set your Facebook Ad's account completely. You can create your Facebook Business Account here : Facebook Business. Now go to the Ads option which is on the left side bar. You have to crate an Ad on Facebook. Click on the Create an Ad option which is on top right corner. Complete all the requirements and use another URL which is not blocked as a target website or else you want. After publishing ads successfully wait for completion of Ad's ending time. You can set you'r budget as $1 or more if you want more results. 

Contact to Facebook Business Support :

When Ad run successfully and it's running time is complete than you have to contact with Facebook Business Support. This option is available only after running at least 1 Ad on Facebook. Go to the Facebook Business Support  and contact them. How to contact with them Let me tell you.

1. Go to Support option which is on the right top corner.

2. Click n Get Started option on the left side.

3. No select the Option Business Page/Adds

4.  Click on Chat with Representative option which is given at bottom of page.

Unblock website url on Facebook

Now complete the contact Support Forum and ad your Ad account Id of your Ad's account. It will be available after running at least on Ads. Explain the issue in  description  and tell them I want to run ads for my website and unable to activate ad because Facebook block mine website URL. Explain in detail. After sometime may be 2/5 minutes you get a reply from the Facebook Business Support in a Messenger. Like this :

Unblock website url on Facebook

Chat with him/her and tell him to review mine website kindly whatever he ask form you. 
Now after 24 Hours you get a mail from Facebook  Business Support and congratulation you unblock your website from Facebook successfully.

If you are facing any issue after applying this method let us know in comment section or contact us. If you want to hire us for resolving this issue for any reason contact us without any hesitation. Thank You.

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