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LSI Keywords ( Latent Semantic Indexing ) in SEO ? | Google SEO

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing ) Keywords are the words that Google algorithms seek to understand the content of the page. These are actually the theoretically related terms that Google in-depth understand to know about the page information.

LSI Keywords

Why LSI Keywords are important?

In previous days the Google understand of the page is according to the keywords that find on the page. Just like if we use the keyword "Video Games" again and again in the title, meta description, headings and paragraph then google understand that this page is for the keywords Video Game. So, keyword density is very important for indexing the page on the right keyword. Nowadays Google updated its algorithms and it's starting to understand the Page overall content. 

        Now Google relies on the LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing ) keywords to deeply understand the page. Take a look at the following example to understand the LSI. If we published a blog post on the keyword "Video Game". Nowadays Google sill scan your keyword in the title, meta description, images alt tags and content etc but its algorithms also scan the page about the related terms LSI Keywords ( Popular Video Game, Best games, video games 2021. video games for kids and famous game names ).  After seeing these related terms its algorithms are confident that this page is about Video Games. 

LSI Keywords are not Synonyms :

The LSI keywords are not the synonyms of the keywords. If we use the keyword "Jogging" and its synonym" running". If we used synonym in the content is good and help in On-Page SEO but the LSI terms are about the Shoes, cardio, price, jogging bottoms, jogging exercise etc. So, we have to use these terms in our content and write about these terms. This will help google to understand the keywords Jogging.

LSI Keyword Example by Jhon Mueller :

The example Jhon Mueller give or explained in his video about how Google algorithms understand the queries searched in search Engine. If we search "cycling tour in Italy" then algorithms look for a motorcycle, bicycle, cycling place, picnic, holidays tour, places for a picnic and Italy language. These are the related terms that it looks at on the pages. Actually, Google Looks for the LSI keywords. Reference :


Benefits of LSI Keywords :

As we read above that Google scan the pages according to the LSI keywords. 
  • If we optimize our page according to that terms it helps a lot in indexing the pages on the right keywords.  
  • Helps Google to understand the page
  • Using the LSI terms our page quality is an increase
  • Keyword Stuffing danger is reduced 

Tools to Find LSI Keywords :

We can find the LSI terms by Google Search autocomplete. Just like that If we search for SEO Audit 
LSI keyword tool

You can also find the terms at the bottom of the page which shows by Google Related Searches.

The Ubersuggest by Neil Petal and Keyword Tool are also helpful or good for LSI Keywords. 

Also, the LSIgraph and LSI keywords tool are very helpful for researching. Both tools are free and easy to use. 

Bold Terms in Google Snippet Descriptions

We can also find these LSI keywords directly by Google which were shown in the meta description. Google bold some terms that are present in the meta description. If we search for the computer repair that google bolds the term that related to our query.

LSI keyword tool

This is all about the LSI Keywords. Also, Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is important for targeting the right Keyword. So, feel free to add your LSI terms in your title tags, meta tags and image alt tags.

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