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How to check Ram, Hard disk,Computer generation and Processor

Computer or laptop:

Computer and laptop are almost save devices but the small difference is that laptop is a smart generation from computer. If anyone want to do any work on computer, then he/she must have to sit at only one place at the front of computer. And after some time a he/she become tired because at the front of computer there is no any movement. We have to sit at one place only so it causes laziness in people. But laptop is a very cool generation. First is that it is very small and light weight. We can take our laptop at any place to do our work.

But to use computer or laptop, you have to find out some important thing about your device so you can manage better it. Yes, these are computer hard, Computer generation, Processor of computer, Window or system Bit. These are some things which helps your device to work properly. So you must have to get a complete knowledge about these basic things so you can use your device easily.

Now here I will tell you about an easy way to let you know about all these properties of your computer or laptop.

How to check RAM, Hard Disk


Basically RAM stands for Random access memory. It uses to store data temporarily when the process is working on a specific part. The software in your device, which is in under process, it temporarily stores in RAM and after completing process, the work of Ram complete and it does not do any work again on this part until it again comes under process.

How to check RAM:

If you want to know that how many RAM your device have? then it is very easy process to find out this. You have to follow the given steps to find out your RAM:

·         First scroll your mouse toward the start icon.
·         Click on the start button
·         Then right click on the computer icon.
·         And then select properties from the menu.
·         And then under system, there is an icon from where you can see your RAM.

So method to find RAM in your computer and laptop is same. Just you have to read and follow these points carefully and you can easily find out your device RAM.

How to check Hard disk drive:

Hard disk drive (HDD) is also called fixed drive. It is an electro-mechanical device is which data stored permanently. Is this, data comes from other medium or device, stores permanently until we delete it from out hard. It is the most important part of any computer or laptop. As we all know that the most   important process of any device is to store data in it. So hard disk drive plays an important role in any device to store data in it.

Here a question arises that how can we find hard disk drive in our device. It is also very easy to find out this after following these steps. And steps are:

·         Scroll your mouse toward the start button and open it.
·         Then go to my computer and click the properties.
·         Now click on the hardware tab.
·         Then click on device manger.
·         Here a dick drive item is located, click the right arrow on it to get the all the list located in the disk drive.
·         Now click on next button on Enabling a device dialogue box and then click finish.

So after following these steps, you can easily know about the hard of your device (computer or laptop).

How to check Computer Generation:

Computer generation means that variation in computer properties. As we all know that with time to time, the computer properties also change. New and more interesting things are creating in computer processer. There is a huge difference between today’s computer and the computer of 10 years before. A lot of changes comes in computer processer. It means that the computer generation is changing.

Know all people wanted to know that from which generation, there computer belong. So here is the step by step process to find out generation of your computer.

·         Scroll your mouse to start button and click on menu.
·         Click on my compute and then click on the properties.
·         After click on properties, a list open at the front of your about properties of your computer.
·         In this list, a word like intel core processer core in (here n means any generation of computer i.e core i7) is written.

·         This is the generation of your computer.

How to check Window or system bit (32/64):

Window is the graphical interface in computer or laptop. The visual part of computer which shows in the front of screen is controlled by window. Window helps us to make our graphics more clean. There is also variation in window time to time. The graphics of window 10 are more bright than graphic of window 9, 8 or 7. So changes produce in window to makes graphics more bright which makes screen of computer in laptop more brighter.

Now if you want to find that which window is installed in your computer. Then the steps are given below to find out it.

·         Click on the start button.

·         Go to my computer and then click on my properties.

·         Then a list open in which all the properties are given. Here scroll up or down to see the version of window installed in your computer. Moreover, How to check the graphic grad of the Computer we share already a blog. Check it out.

Here we explain some important properties of computer or laptop and also we explain how you can know about which properties your device have. I hope it will very helpful for those who want to know properties of his/her computer.

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