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how to download a video from Facebook

 As we all are well familiar with the Facebook app. Facebook is the most widely used app all over the world. In starting Mark Zuckerberg create Facebook for fun only. But nowadays Facebook is one of the best sources to communicate with your family and friends. And also it helps us to create new friends from all over the World. We can share pictures and videos on Facebook. We can also chat with our friends and also we can do voice or video call on Facebook. This feature of Facebook minimizes the distance between friends and family. Let suppose you are going to another country or city then this app helps you to decrease your loneliness with the help of video chat and voice chats. There are also groups on Facebook where a lot of people spend their time for fun. It is also a good source for those people who are far from their families, on they are alone at someplace, if they are feeling bore without families and friends, they open the Facebook app, scroll on Facebook and get the funny post, videos and mems also to pass their free time. There are 2 billion-plus active users in the world who are using Facebook monthly. A lot of new apps are interlinked with Facebook so it becomes very popular all over the world. Several apps and games like PUBG, Ludo, Instagram etc, are logged in with Facebook so you can join teams or groups with your Facebook friend also on these apps. So Facebook helps us to create a connection all over the world.

download a video from facebook

Downloading Facebook videos on PC:

If you are a regular user of Facebook, you might have seen a lot of videos that are too much entertaining or which are very informative and you want to share these videos with your friends. Then, first of all, you have to download the video.

Now a question arises that how you can download a post (video) on Facebook. Now at this point, you have to know that there are several apps to download videos from Facebook on PC.  is one of the best software to download it. There are some steps to download video on PC from Facebook:

1: First of all, right-click on the video you want to download.

2: Then click on the option (copy URL) to copy the link of video.    

3: Paste this URL on the taskbar or or any of the software you are using to download.

4: Then click enter>

5: After this click, your required video will open at front of you.

6: Then after this, set the quality of the video you are going to download.

7: After this right-click again on video, and chose the option to download the video.

             After this procedure you can easily download your required video from Facebook on PC.

Downloading Facebook videos on Android iPhone:

There are also a lot of apps and software to download Facebook videos but most of the software asks you to allow permission from your device. If you are searching from google, then there are a lot of apps that may harm your device and also there are a lot of fake software. If you allow them, then they easily access your device and it is very dangerous. So we will recommend you to chose software wisely so that your device may not harm. Use the SSD hard in your PC although the HDD is also mostly used nowadays. How to install the SSD on PC you can read our instructions.

On Android:

If you want to download a Facebook video on your android mobile then keep in mind that it is a very easy process. Just follow the given steps and then you can easily download videos from Facebook.

The steps are as follow:

1: First of all, open the video you want to download on Facebook app, or on google.

2: Then click on the share button which is given beside the video and then click on Copy URL.

3: Then paste the link on the software you are choosing for download video i.e, from

4: Then set the quality of the video to get good pixels.

5: Click on the download button and after downloading the video will show in your fill of mobile phone.

If you follow these steps, you can easily download it on your mobile phone.

On I phone or I pad:

Downloading video on iPhone is also a very easy process just like to download on android. So there are also a few steps to download Facebook video on i

iPhone or IPad:

1: Open the video you are going to download on the Facebook app.

2: Then click on the video after few second an icon open at the front of the video.

3: Then click on the copy link and then paste the copied link on the software which you are using to      download video i.e,

4   Now enter on download button after this click, the video will show in your files on your iPhone or iPad. 

         So these are some tips and tricks to download your video in your PC, android mobile, iPhone or iPad.

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