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How to download video or picture from Instagram


Instagram is a social networking service or platform that is owned by Facebook. You can use the feature (capture, edit and share photos & videos) to entertain yourself by creating an account. In the Google play store, Instagram has more than 1 Billion downloads and 116 million+ reviews.



·         Photos and Videos:

In this multimedia world, every moment is now capture and share by your friends, relatives and followers you care about. Instagram is also one of that platforms that allows the users to create, edit and share the moment in the form of pictures, post and videos.

 Instagram contains a lot of category of filters that allows the users to use as they want to and make the moment long-lasting and memorable. Similarly, videos can also make by using these filters including the famous one i.e., Boomerang etc.

·         Business:

Instagram is also providing an opportunity in order to deal with the business platform. On Instagram, over 2 million businesses connect with people. All you need is a good interaction, a standard number of followers or you can say a good number of audiences to fame your business. Business can be any type including showbiz, fitness and garments etc.

·         Help Center:

Instagram having its own help center in order to deal with the user’s queries. If you are unable to create an account, not posting your post, any personal security issue and vice versa, then you can access the help center.

Moreover, help center deals with every possible aspect related to the Instagram app and helps you out to solve the issues. The most common problem arises when users wants to make a business account or professional account or to convert from one account to another account.

 Downloading on PC:

We all are a regular user of Instagram and you know that we all see post on it. Some of them post are very attractive and we want to save them in our mobile. But most of the people do not know that how can they save these videos and pictures in their device laptop/PC. For pictures we can get screen shots in out device but for videos we cannot get screenshots. There are some apps on google to download these videos like this app ( ). You can download your required video from this app. To get detail procedure to download video follow the points given bellow:

·             First of all login your Instagram account in your PC.
·         Then open the video you want to download from Instagram (post might be picture or video)
·         Now when you get you required post then right click on this post.
·         After this, an icon open. Click on copy URL to get link of your post.
·         After this paste copied URL on downloader (
·         Then download button appear. Click on this button to download your post.
These easy steps help you to easily download your post from Instagram on your PC or laptop. 

Downloading on mobile:

Know if you are using Instagram on your mobile phone or on tablet? Tragically, Instagram doesn't permit you to download recordings you find on your feed or on other clients' accounts. In any case, as long as you have the first banner's consent, there are a few workarounds for that. But there are also some techniques to download them So if you want to download Instagram post on your mobile you can download it in following ways.


Almost all latest mobiles have screen recording option in it. So by using following steps you ca download post.

·         First of all, open the Instagram post you want to download in your mobile.
·         Then open the screen recording from notification bar.

·         Then play video to record it.
·         The recording will be save in your mobile phone.
If you not have screen recorder in your mobile:

·          Or if you not have any option in your mobile then download any app from play store i.e ( ) to download the video.

·         For this, copy the link of video by the press on video for a while.

·         After copy the URL, paste it on the app (link in given of app above) to get you video

·         You can easily download it.

Here is a brief explanation about downloading video from the Instagram post. We know that a lot of people think that we have no need to learn that how to download a video from Instagram but keep in mind that everyone do not know about this. And I hope that after learning this anyone can easily download their required post from Instagram.

Want to know more about how to download video from facebook.


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