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What is the difference between SSD and HDD | Google SEO

Difference between SSD and HDD:



SSD is a solid storage device that store information in their instantly accessible memory chips. It is a memory storage device. HDD is hard disk drive. It is also a storage device that utilizes mechanical platters and a moving read/compose head to get to information. All of our systems (computer and laptop) need to use a best storage process to store their information and data. so SSD and HDD are the storage drive using in system to store data.



Basically SSD is a new generation storage device which use at the place of HDD hard drive. SSD used in computer to store data about any information. It is faster storage device than hard disk drive. As we know that it is a new generation so it speeds us over computer by its quality of fast thought ups low read quality time.

Work of SSD drive:

Work of SSD drive is basically to store data. Now a days SSD is mostly using in computer because it is faster store device than any traditional storage device like HDD. Storage process of HDD is slower and it often cause heat up of over device. But SSD is a new generation device and its storage process is faster and also it does not cause any heat up is system.



HDD is hard disk drive which is generally a nonvolatile storage device which is used is our system (computer or laptop) to store data. Basically it required high power to store data and its process to store data is slower than SSD so it is a time consuming and also power consuming type or storage data.

Work of HDD:

Work of HDD is also to store data and information enter in our system from outside. But it is an old traditional storage drive than SSD. And also it need high power and time to store data in it. Also hard disk drive is also an old drive so this is a reason that technologies used in HDD are older than SSD that’s why HDD is older and slow than solid state drive. So SSD is more preferable than it. that is why, most of the using storage device include SSD than HDD.

Now a question may arise from your side that which storage drive is better to use. So keep in mind that both have their own qualities. One is traditional and other is unique and new generation storage drive. So both have their own specialization

Differences are given below:

HDD vs SSD price:

So if we compare about the price of SSD and HDD, then SSD is more expensive than HDD. Because SSD is a latest generation and its features are latest than HDD so HDD is cheaper than SSD. A 1TB inside 2.5-inch hard drive costs somewhere in the range of $40 and $60, however as of this composition, the least expensive SSDs of a similar limit and structure factor start at around $100. So if we see about the price of SSD and HDD than SSD is more expensive than HDD because it is mostly use in mac apple laptops. But Hard drive is use in cheap systems and laptops.

Common storage is SSD and HDD:

If we discuss about the storage of SSD and Hard drive than SSD drive is very rarely found in more than 2 TB space and mostly found in 500 GB because it is very expensive than HDD so less people purchase 2 or 3 TB in SSD because it is not affordable for all of you. SSD mostly found in 500 GB. On other hand HDD found in 256 GB or 128 Gb for simple use. But if someone need more space than you may be purchase 1 TB or 2 TB HDD drive because it in cheaper than SSD.

Speed of HDD and SSD:


There is also difference between their speed. As you have seen earlier that in SSD contains faster storage chips than hard drive. So working of SSD is faster than HDD. That’s why SSD is mostly using in latest and expensive systems or laptops such as apple. They mostly use SSD as compared to hard drive as their storage device which help them to make their system faster than cheap systems. But If we discuss about hard drive than it is mostly use in cheap and less quality systems and laptops, that’s why you have often experienced that your laptop processor become slower after some time when your data in drive become increase. So SSD is faster in process than HDD.

Which is better:

SSD is better than HDD because its processor and generation is latest than Hard drive.
Thank For reading. Also read about how to check RAM.


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