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How to check health of laptop battery.

Laptop Battery:

The battery is one most important thing present inside the laptop. It helps a laptop to give us display and we can use our laptop at any place and at any time when its battery is charged. Because it provides current to laptop to run. Also, it is important that you can check the health of the laptop battery.

health of battery

Battery issues:

There are some issues which our laptop battery face. These issues may be about health or about charging. So most of the batteries face these issues. Some face that their laptop can easily charge but there charging down faster. Some of them fell that their laptop cannot charge quickly but it charges slowly. So these all are the main issues faces by your laptop or laptop battery.

How to check the health of laptop battery:

If you are facing charging issue in your laptop battery then you must have to find out the health of your battery. Then you can easily fix the issues facing to your laptop. Generally, to find out the health of the battery you must have to visit the following point. If you follow these points you can easily find out your laptop battery health. The points are as follow:

  •    Go to Start and search Power Shell and open the Power Shell.
  • Write or paste this command powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery-report.html"
  • In the next line address is shown where report of battery health is given
  •  Then access the C drive in your file explorer.
  •   There you would find a battery report file saved as Html file in C drive.
  •    Double click on this file then a folder open at the front of you which tell you about all situation of the battery.
  •    Then scroll down there, a lot of things about your battery comes in front of you.
  •    There a point come FULL CHARGE CAPACITY which tell you about the capacity of your laptop battery.
  •     This is the health pf your battery.

So it is a very easy way to find out the health of your battery and after reading this, you can easily guess that which type of problem, your battery is facing.

  •     4 best tools to find out health of laptop battery:

Now there are also some tools that tells you about your battery condition and health. As you know that the battery issue is one of the most critical issues. If your laptop battery is not working good, then it can disturb you mentally. So if you are facing any issue regarding battery timing then you must have to first find out the exact issue about your battery. And this issue may easily be detected by taking note of the battery health of your laptop.

Now there are 4 best tools to find out your health of laptop battery:

    1.   Powercfg battery report:

Powercfg is a tool inside your window. It is a hidden tool. You can use it to create an area inside it will note all the change in your battery and create a report inside it about all the condition of your battery. It note which type of issues and all things occur inside your battery and then you can easily get report about your battery.

To create a battery report in your laptop, click WINDOWS KEY + X and then select COMMAND PROMPT then type POWERCFG/BATTERYREPORT. This command will save your battery report in HTML format in you C drive and you can learn this from your C drive easily by following above points.

     2.    BatteryInfoView:

 This app is utility app that give you a piece of complete information about health and all other things related to your battery.

It has to different display components:


              It will show you battery health, capacity of battery, design capacity etc.

  •             Click VIEW> SHOW BATTERY LOG:

              It will show you detailed analysis of log like percentage of battery, voltage, event type etc.




 Battery moon also help you to monitor the condition and working procedure of your battery by presenting you a graph. Here Y axis show the percentage of your battery and X axis will show sampling time. You can change your sampling time by EDIT>CONFIGURATION.

 The black line present inside the graph will show the current charge level.

 Now if you want to monitor the LOG file of the battery condition you have to do (INFO> VIEW LOGO)

4)        4. SAVE BATTERY:

It is also a technique to find out the battery condition of your laptop. It is a very useful technique to find out the health.

 It is a very simple design to find out the health and condition of your laptop battery. It is a table like display use to give you information about the current situation of your device.

The front screen of this app is very animating and attractive. You can change the theme from dark to light or light to dark mode. Front screen show the battery information, charge capacity etc.

There is also a lot of apps to get information about the condition/health of laptop battery. But it depends upon you which app will be helpful to you.

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