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What happen with your file in recycle bin when you delete it.


Why we delete file:

Most of us mostly delete our files when our data become more than our storage. Some people have a system which cannot manage more data in them. So when their data become increase, they delete their files.

Also, some people want to sell their laptop or computer when they are going to sell their device. So they delete their files from this system in order for safety restrictions. And also you delete your files when the need for the file is no more. You delete it from your computer or laptop. So there a question arise that what happens in recycle bin when you delete our file from your device.

What happens when you delete your file:

When any file from your device is become out of use and there is no need for this file on your computer, you definitely delete this file. And some of your when want to sell your computer or laptop you also delete all your files that no one else reached your data. So you delete your files.

Then after deletion, not all files completely deleted from your device. In fact, all of them after deletion from your internal storage moves toward the recycle bin placed in almost all devices. It means that actually you can only delete its folder placing on your hard drive in your device but you cannot delete your whole file from your device. There is a further place for your file in your device to remains in it. So it means that some external maps can delete after deletion only from hard folders but actually a copy of the file remains in recycle bin.

What is recycle bin:

A recycle bin in a computer is a space where our deleting files saved ass a draft in our device. When we delete our files from our device then it saved in recycle bin which already present in our computer or laptop. It is basically a storage device which save those files when has been deleted from our computer.

This storage basically created in our device in order to save those files which has been deleted from us. As you better know that sometimes you delete your file but after some time you think that this folder is necessary for you. Know this recycle bin help you to again get your data in the form or catches.

Storage of recycle bin:

Now some of you think that if recycle bin present in your computer than what is the storage of this bin. So all system have different storage of recycle bin present in it. For example, you have a device whose internal storage is 10 gigabytes then storage in recycle bin will be 1 gigabyte. But we cannot say that the storage of recycle bin is 10% of the actual storage of the device. It may be changed from 00% to 100%.

Does recycle bin use memory:

Yes, as you know that recycle bin is the part of your computer so it is just that it should be the part of your device and surely it stores memory present in your device.

And we also know that recycle bin store our deleted files so it takes storage inside the computer to store caches of our files.

Does each hard drive has its own recycle bin:

You know that the external hard drives present in our device are mostly used for the backup process. It means that all external hard drives in the device are used to store data which and files as a backup. You can reach that data at any time. But do you know that each external hard drive has its own recycle bin that store deleted data from the specific drive chosen for that files or data? But generally, you cannot see this specific recycle bin of a specific external hard drive because it is hidden by default.

How you can access to recycle bin:

As we tell you earlier about the working of recycle bin and the storage capacity of recycle bin and all other functionality about the recycle bin played by it in our device. Know I am sure that most of you want to ask that how you can access recycle bin placed in your device.

So here I will tell you to step by step process to access recycle bin placed in your device.

1)      First of all, open the WINDOW tab placed at the bottom of your computer or laptop.

2)      Then write CONTROL PANEL in the search box of the window tab.

3)      Know in CONTROL PANEL, select file EXPLORER OPTION.

4)      Then click on VIEW tab and select SHOW HIDDEN FILES, DRIVES AND FOLDERS.

After this, uncheck HIDDEN PROTECTED OPERATING SYSTEM FILES and then click OK to access recycle bin of your device.








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