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What are Rich Snippets and benefits of using them?

Rich Snippets :

                This is the information that Google's or other search engines show when someone hit the search engine query. Rich Snippets are provided more information about the content to the user. The titles, URL and meta description are also snippets but the more information other than title, URLs and descriptions about content that googles shows in search engines is the important and main rich snippets. Let's, deep dive to understand the rich snippets with some examples.
what are rich snippets

We add rich snippets to our content according to our niche. So on the basis of different categories, there are many types of Rich Snippets. If the article is about the Recipes then we add snippets about the dish "Cooking Time", "Star Rating", "Material" and "Picture". 

If our content is about any product like an e-commerce website that we add snippets of the product like "Price", "Star Rating", "Description" and "Picture".

Also, if we are simply writing content like any news then we can add in snippets about the author like "Author Name", "Time of Publish" and "Author city or something".

Examples of Rich Snippets : 

When we search in Search Engine about the "curls ice cream recipe". Take a look at the following  picture

example of rich snippets

Google Shows some results in the first one result the Url of the post in black, the Title in Blue and a description. Also, after that information, it shows us a small picture, star rating and time.
In the Second one results show the same but more information like a "785 cal". So, these are the rich snippets in which google provide more information to the user. Let's talk about the benefits of using the Rich Snippets.

Benefits of  adding rich Snippets :

  • By adding the rich snippets in our content increase your "Click Through Rate" because users like to read that content which shows more information about the content.
  • It helps in increasing your SEO score. Google give priority to those contents which use rich snippets. 
  • Helps in Search Engine Ranking.
  • It makes your content attractive.
  • If you have an eCommerce website then it is really important to add rich snippets for ranking as well as attracting users.

Analyze the user intent :

While adding the rich snippets to your content first analyze the intent of the user that what he looking for. For example, if he is search for a mobile phone then you should take care of some main features of a mobile phone like Price, RAM, Storage and Camera.
Always, provide the solution of a problem to a user, So he hit your information to read in search Engine. Take a look at the following picture.

rich snippets example

Rich Snippets are also called the Rich data, and structure data. These are the relative names that are also used instead of Rich Snippets. Rich snippets are lies in the technical SEO factor. Google is giving priority to those websites in ranking which implements the technical SEO factor in a very well way.